Here are the different workshops we offer.   Once you decide which one is best for you go to the calendar and secure your spot!

Drywall repairs / Texturing
This workshops covers all the basics in the repairing of drywall and the application of textures. We go over how to determine the types of drywall for all applications, how to install,tape and float the surfaces, and how to apply the textures to match any walls or ceilings. 
Painting made simple. This workshop covers all the basics in preparation and the application of paint to ceilings, walls and doors. Our workshop will teach you how to use all the tips and secrets of the painting trade showing you how to use the equipment and materials to permorm like the pros.  
Plumbing Repairs | Fixture Installs
Our plumbing workshop will cover repairing hot and cold supply line repairs, sink repairs,  broken drian lines, clearing clogged drains and how to install pex piping for repairs. We will also go over how to repair fixtures and install new ones including toilets, water heaters and faucets.
 Home repairs and maintenance
An exciting workshop designed to train you how to do the most common repairs and maintenance on your home including toilet repairs, patching small holes, caulking shower/tubs, changing a/c filters,  and much more.  *Bonus section~  In the event you need to hire a professional for larger jobs, we will  teach you the best approach and what to look out for.

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